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Owner and operator William Bradberry is a freelance writer, full-time resume specialist, and accomplished lead writer for several highly respected resume and career services companies. After experiencing success as an independent contractor, he started his own business. in order to resolve the issues he had with the industry’s lack of commitment to the client, as well as the questionable ethics of using poorly paid subcontractors to handle important projects.


When you hire a resume specialist from an obscure company, you often find your project in the hands of a freelancer who sees only a small fraction of the price you pay for your document/s. The bottom line -- you want someone with an online presence, sample work, and prompt availability by phone or email. I understand the importance of your resume to *you,* and treat all projects with the utmost care, professionalism, and personal commitment.
How Do You Find a Good Resume Writer?
  1. They do not make vague and unrealistic guarantees regarding interviews and jobs.
  2. They work privately or with small businesses, not through a large company that pays their writers a fraction of their fee.
  3. They can provide samples that display their talent, in additional to verbal reassurances.
  4. They charge more than a resume mill (Google it), but less than competitors providing services of equal value.
  5. They write resumes exclusively, or to the exclusion of almost all other types of freelance work.
  6. They can be reached by phone, either to consult with you or provide an explanation of their services.
  7. They understand that every resume is different, and proper writing strategies depend upon your goals and your career path.
If you’re enthusiastic about collaborating to create a personalized resume that speaks to who you are, and not just what you do, let’s get together. My fees are affordable and I do *not* contract my work out to anyone. I place far too much importance in your investment.  all career services
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“I am impressed and believe you may have got it right the first time around! I will review it carefully and let you know in the next day or so if there are any changes required. Thank you so much, it was worth every dollar.”
- M. Cook, Ontario
“Thanks again; this is great! It is precisely what I needed. I'll take it from here and all is well. I've enjoyed working with you, and will recommend your company as I've been impressed with the work and communications.”
- K. Bidle, AR
"This looks great. I love the way you've lead my experiences with the mission-driven work; very cool. You do nice work. :)"
- A. Wortman, Seattle, WA
“I wanted to let you know how everything went with my job interview. As soon as the COO walked into the boardroom, the first thing he did was compliment me on my resume presentation. Today I was offered the position."
- J. Sims, Los Angeles, CA
Providing Nationwide Service from Sunny Cape Coral in Lee County, Florida
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